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How is Elon Musk Driving the Future?

Though we are going through the digital revolution, very few industrialists can match with the ingenious and relentless drive of Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is officially known as the head of “Tesla”. He is constantly striving hard to drive change to the whole planet. Indeed, his goals are to pave a better future. And, many claim that he is the only hope our planet has for long term sustainable solutions. It’s not that Musk is going to change the world single handedly. He does have many impressive qualities of a superhero. But, what truly sets him apart would be his inspiring nature. So, how is Elon Musk Driving towards a sustainable future?

Musk has evolved into a symbol for never-ending change. As outspoken as he is, Musk focuses on topics like carbon taxes, global climate change and clean energy. He has grabbed the attention of both governments and scientists. Many governments are pledging hard to steer their nations towards the use of sustainable solutions, as suggested by Mr. Musk.


Technically, this is one of the best ways to identify Elon Musk: Tesla!

He is famous around the world for his energy company. The company was founded in the year 2003. The mission of this brand is to accelerate the use of sustainable energy resources. Unlike many other companies, Musk didn’t want to begin Tesla for money. Instead, he considered it as the primary tool for changing the way our world sees and uses energy.

Today, Tesla has reshaped the entire automobile industry. After all, this is one of the world’s most expensive, and energy-consuming industries.

Tesla has grown by leaps and bounds. It brings clean vehicles that can work as an alternative to common fuel resources. As a result, the carbon footprint made by Tesla is very less. On average, the company saves more than 650 pounds of greenhouse gas.


Now, how is Elon Musk Driving towards a sustainable future and meeting the needs of Tesla?

This is when you will learn about Musk’s Gigafactories. This is a lesser-known project. For Tesla to transit completely to sustainable energy, the right kind of energy supplies need to be identified. The role of Gigafactories is important in this zone. This is a stunning factor that spreads around 15 million square kilometres. The factory is responsible for producing batteries that can meet with the demand for Tesla cars. The factory is heavily automated and is managed using renewable resources. This way, the overall cost to produce a battery for the Tesla cars reduces by 30%.

Musk strongly believes that this company alone cannot be used to change the world! Instead, many industries from around the world need to join hands in this mission.


The talk about Musk, and him driving the future will be incomplete without SpaceX. This is one of his newest and most sensational ways of driving into the future. The goal of SpaceX was to allow humans to become multi-planet species. After all, who wouldn’t want to build a city on Mars? This unwavering spirit made Musk launch Falcon 1. This was the world’s first private company (and the only one so far) to return a spacecraft launched into Low-Earth orbit.


With the motivation behind these three companies, you might be clear why Elon musk is the visionary that world in 21st century needs. Indeed, this tech-savvy professional is living proof that simple thoughts and enthusiasm can change the way our world works. Musk strongly believes in a sustainable future and is definitely motivated in achieving this.